The Department of Plant Protection attempts to solve the problems of crops, ornamental plants, and agricultural products in the region and country. The Department focuses on education, research and extension services, including the clinical training on plant health.

Infrastructure Facilities and Laboratories

The Department of Plant Protection carries out courses in well-equipped physically and technologically classrooms. The Department has a large number of project-oriented laboratories (Insect Collection, Plant Pathology, Bacteriology, Biological Control, Economic Entomology, Molecular Plant Pathology, Virology, Acarology and Toxicology) and climatically controlled rooms. The major scientific branches of Entomology and Plant Pathology aim to ensure training with sufficient technology for the diagnosis of main pests and diseases.

The Working Areas of the Major Scientific Branches

Entomology: harmful insects, mites on cultured plants; their control methods and biological control.
Plant Pathology: diseases of plants caused by fungi, prokaryotes, viruses and virus-like organisms; their control methods; weeds and their control methods in cultured plants.

The Department has carried out fifty projects supported by University Research Fund (25), the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK, 20), Tekirdağ Governorship (1), Silivri Agriculture Center (1), TUBITAK-CNR (1), and TUBITAK-Hungary (1). Most of these projects regarded insects and diseases of grapevine, wheat, onion and olive.

The academic staff has produced 263 scientific papers, of which 81 were published in the scientific journals browsed by Science Citation Index.